Intelligence and Surveillance
  • Overview

Great Saturn Intelligence and Security Agency Private Limited has been specifically registered for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing and commercializing the High Security Registration Plates as per the norms of the Government of India.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has mandated the introduction of new High Security Registration Plates, both in respect of new and in-use motor vehicles throughout the country.

High Security Registration Plates has been introduced as a highly sensitive product for prevention of crimes and for maintaining database of all kinds of vehicles for various purposes.


  • Reduction in car jacking and theft cases.
  • Reduction in risk in transaction of sale / purchase of pre-owned vehicles.
  • It is easier for the police to identify traffic offices, stolen vehicles and vehicles involved in crimes.
  • It is easier to trace the "Hit-and-run" vehicles involved in road accidents.


Great Saturn Intelligence and Security Agency Private Limited is registered with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

The Company has entered in to a joint venture with MEP Toll Road Private Limited – the largest collector of Toll.

This joint venture has been formed to jointly submit bids for the work of manufacture, distribution and affixation of High Security Registration Plates in India.

HSRP systems provides for introduction of modern technology like GPS & RFID systems.

The company has also entered into an exclusive technical collaboration with a European company to manufacture, market and commercialize the High Security Number Plates in India.