• Overview

Yogayatan Port is one of the most iconic projects undertaken by our group in recent times. Mumbai, being the commercial capital of India, has witnessed an ever increasing requirement for infrastructure in recent times and the resultant strain on fit-outs increasing immensely. We have attempted to meld the pioneering spirit of the western coast with state of the art maritime capabilities, at this port which will support industrial development in the region. The port will be developed ethnically in phases to provide solutions for economic growth in the state. Yogayatan Port is one of the few ports to get ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008) in the region.


The port's unique feature is its strategic location which has connectivity to the National road and rail networks. Our endeavour is to provide the latest and best in technology to our clients which will ensure the port to be one of the most productive locations in this competitive era.


Many industries and businesses have expressed their keen interest in utilizing the port to meet their cargo handling requirement, owing to some of the unique features of the port being 'All-Weather' port and proximity to water body.


Connectivity :-
Yogayatan port is located on Thane Creek, at a distance of 100 meter from Sion-Panvel highway Railway Bridge, connecting Mankhurd (Mumbai) and Vashi (Navi Mumbai), at a distance of 10 Nautical miles from Jawaharlal Nehru Port. Its strategic location is within Mumbai city, 10 kms from the commercial centre of Mumbai. The site also adjoins the railway line connecting Mankhurd to Vashi station. It is located to the west side of Mumbai-Vashi Railway bridge and touches Sion-Panvel highway.


Features of Yogayatan Port:

  • Proximity to international sea route
  • Least littoral transport: low dredging requirement
  • Natural all-weather harbour advantage
  • Immediacy to national/regional road & rail network
  • Flexibility in design and expansion of being Greenfield project
  • Within proximity of Mumbai city that has an International airport, human resource and social infrastructure
  • In-house facility for dredging infrastructure.



  • Operational Systems
  • Navigational Aids
  • Berthing
  • Storage
  • Equipments
  • Stevedoring
  • Port Railway
  • Roads


Phases of Yogayatan Port Development


Phase-I – Multipurpose - Dry Bulk Cargo Handling Port

We are constructing a multipurpose cargo port for loading & un-loading of dry bulk cargo. The port is capable of handling various types of Dry Bulk Cargo with capacity of 4.5 MTPA. It facilitates handling commodities like break bulk cargo, steel coils, dry bulk, coal, cement, sugar, and indigenous defense products, etc



Phase-II: Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Yard

A shipbuilding & ship repair yard will be build to facilitate the following:

  • Barges
  • Tugs
  • Work Boats
  • Offshore supply vessels
  • Mini bulk carriers
  • Fabrication for structure vessel, piping & deck
  • Floating production, Storage and offloading (FPSO)
  • Multi Support Vessels (MSV)
  • Floating Platforms



Phase-III Thermal Power Plant:-

We have planned to set-up a 200 MW of Thermal Power plant. The company has been associated with the growing legacy of Mumbai as a commercial capital.



Phase-IV: LNG Receiving, Re-gasification and Re-Loading Terminal:-

We are planning to set up LNG Receiving, Re-gasification and Re-Loading Terminal at Mankhurd (Mumbai). We will develop the infrastructure in lead possible period with reasonable cost. The jetty facility will be designed to receive LNG tankers. We are planning to be fully operational in short period under the model of LNG Storage & Reload Facility.



Phase-V- Container Terminal

Considering India's growing maritime trade in the world market with unprecedented growth in containerized trade and bulk commodities, Yogayatan Port is building a world-class container terminal with outstanding services, facilities and state-of-art infrastructure. It will connect demand with supply, industry with port, rail and road with port and capital with business making Indian exporters and importers globally competitive.



Phase-VI Supply Base and Passenger terminal:

We are planning to set up supply base and passenger terminal for offshore industries & ships at Anchorage. This will help ONGC as well as all the petroleum companies to shift their men & material at offshore in short period.


Presently their is no complete and modernised passenger terminal within or around Mumbai. Our facility will fulfil the requirement.



Types of Cargoes to be Handled

  • Bulk & Break Bulk
  • Containers
  • Materials, Equipments, Spares for shipyard operations
  • Still Rolls
  • Dry Bulk (Cement, Coal, Sugar)
  • Indigenous defense production


Proposed Storage

  • Open storage
  • Covered storage
  • Silos


e-mail : ports@yogayatangroup.com